Mobile and Email Marketing Go Hand in Hand

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In my last post, I talked about the excellent results from the biggest shopping week of the year.  Well, the onslaught has not stopped with the passing of Cyber Monday — retailers are still raking in dollars from consumers who are looking for good deals.  And many of these consumers are purchasing these great deals right from their smartphone.

Mobile marketing is virtually exploding!  According to the latest Internet Retailer Mobile Commerce update, mobile sales are rising in an unprecedented fashion.  Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are expanding their mobile marketing efforts, and those who already have a strong online presence are investing heavily as well.  Reference the following quote from Brian Tilzer, VP of e-Commerce and Business Developement at

“We want to be a real leader in mobile commerce,” Tilzer says. “We are investing like crazy. We are tripling the size of our e-commerce team and mobile is the tip of the spear of initiatives we are pursuing to continue to innovate and be a real leader in the space.”

Tilzer’s reasoning is very sound.  According to Internet Retailer, one in five (about 20%) emails are currently opened on a mobile device. This number is up from 13% in the fourth quarter of 2010.  This means that not only do you have to have a strong online presence with excellent and easy-to-navigate landing pages, you have to really focus on the quality of your email creative and how it is going to appear on a smartphone.  If your message appears scrunched and not easily readable, chances are mobile users will skip it.  If it is easily read, attractive and interest grabbing, about 11% of those recipients who open the email will click also click through to the landing page.

For email and mobile marketers, this is exciting news.  This literally gives businesses the ability to communicate with customers no matter where they are.  It makes every email marketing campaign more important — and as these metrics continue to rise you can bet budgets will be expanded and the need for high quality email data and creative agencies will also expand.

Definitely exciting times to be in the mobile and  email marketing industry!

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